Medical – MD/DO/DPM

Medical – Allopathic Medicine (MD) / Osteopathic (DO) / Podiatry (DPM)

MD application service: AMCAS (national) and TMDSAS (all Texas schools except Baylor)

DO application service:  AACOMAS (national) and TMDSAS (Univ. of North Texas)

DPM application service:  AACPMAS (national)

*Be sure to check the admissions websites of medical schools of interest for the most updated information.  Details are also listed through the AMCAS application service.

1 year Biology (with labs) – BIO 181/BIO 183 or BIO/ZO 150/ BIO/ZO 160 (no longer offered)
1 year General Chemistry (with labs) – CH 101/102 and CH 201/202

(Note: Chemistry majors take CH 103/104 and CH 203/204 for General Chemistry)
1 year Organic Chemistry (with labs) – CH 221/222 and CH 223/224

(Note: Chemistry majors take CH 225/226, CH 223/224 or CH 227/228 for Organic Chemistry)
1 year Physics (with labs) – PY 211/PY 212 (or PY 205/206 and PY 208/209)
At least one semester Mathematics to include Calculus (one year required by some schools)   – MA 121 (single semester) or 131/231 or 141/241 (1 year)

(In addition to the above minimum requirements, we strongly recommend Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 240, BIO 245), Biochemistry BCH 351 or 451 and Principles of Genetics (GN 311)

Additional Recommendations: Introduction to Statistics (ST 311), Speech/Communication, Scientific Writing  (additional English course), Microbiology/Medical Microbiology, Histology, Immunology, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, Neurobiology

At least one PSY/SOC class and possibly an ethics class

**Please check with individual schools for additional requirements – please check NCSU Course Equivalents page to see what NCSU courses transfer to each school for pre-reqs at