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Personal Statement

In general, the personal statement should provide information that tells the reader more about who you are, what you care about and what has influenced you to pursue a health profession career. The content should not replicate the information you have already submitted although it can expand on it. The focus should be limited.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive type of question. In the end, you want the reader to know you better as an individual, so be genuine. Think of the word personal in personal statement as being in bold and underlined.

To get started, try these resources:

Personal Statement Video (Slides)

Personal Statement Worksheet

Review these professional association sites: for tips on writing a personal statement:

Students are welcome to submit one personal statement draft in a Word document to the pre-health advisor for assistance. It is generally recommended that you get the statement as final as possible before sending. Turnaround time for a review is approximately one to two weeks, so please plan ahead.

* Writing assistance – Academic Success Center

Final Tips:

Think about what do you really want the reader to know about you as an individual

The best way to stand out as an applicant is to be yourself, be genuine and let them know who you really are