Pharmacy – Doctor of Pharmacy

1 year Biology/Zoology (with labs) – BIO 181/BIO 183
1 year General Chemistry (with labs) – CH 101/102 or CH 103/104 and CH 201/202 or CH 203/204
1 year Organic Chemistry (with labs) – CH 221/222 or CH 225/226 and CH 223/224 or CH 227/228

Many schools also require up to:

  • 1 year Physics (with labs) – PY 211/PY 212 (or PY 205206 and PY 208/209)
  • Human Anatomy – BIO 240, BIO 245
  • At least one semester Mathematics to include Calculus (one year required by some schools) – MA 121(single semester) or 131/231 or 141/241 (1 year)
  • 1 Semester Microbiology (MB 351)

Additional Recommendations:  Speech/Communication, Scientific Writing

NC Program Info

There are four Pharm.D. programs in North Carolina, Campbell, High Point, UNC Chapel Hill and Wingate.  All require four years to complete.  The programs prepare students for a career in community and hospital pharmacy, teaching or professional careers in industry and government.

Applications to programs are submitted online through PharmCAS.  A minimum of 62-64 credit hours must be completed prior to entry.  Applicants should have finished math, statistics, biology and chemistry courses by the end of spring semester, sophomore year if applying early.  In some cases, the programs will allow a student to be lacking one or two of the humanities/social science courses before entry.  These decisions are made on an individual basis. We encourage students to consider acquiring their UG degree before applying to increase competitiveness and maturity.

Since some of these programs change their prerequisite course requirements, application dates, etc. without notifying us, all students interested in applying are STRONGLY URGED TO CONTACT THE PROGRAMS of interest to be sure all of the requirements for admission are being met.

**Please check with individual schools for additional requirements – please check NCSU Course Equivalents page to see what NCSU courses transfer to each school for pre-reqs at