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Pharmacy – PharmD

The list below shows common basic requirements for most pharmacy schools in the US. To make sure you are fulfilling the prerequisites for the schools you are interested in attending, please check their individual admissions websites. As a reminder, this list is not a substitute for meeting with the Academic Advisor in your College.

CourseRequirementFulfilled By*
Biology1 semester lecture, 1 semester labBIO 183
General Chemistry2 semesters lecture, 2 semesters labCH 101/102
CH 201/202
Organic Chemistry2 semesters lecture, 2 semesters labCH 221/222
CH 223/224
Anatomy & Physiology2 semesters lecture, 1 semester labBIO 240
BIO 245
BIO 242
Physics1 semester lecture, 1 semester labPY 211
Mathematics2 semesters lectureMA 141**
ST 311
English Writing2 semestersENG 101
Advanced ENG
Microbiology1 semester lecture, 1 semester labMB 351/352
Biochemistry1 semesterBCH 351 or
BCH 451
*some majors, such as Chemistry or Engineering, may have specific requirements for these courses. Please be sure to check with your Academic Advisor.
**students MUST TAKE MATH 141 to fulfill UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy’s requirements.

Some schools may also require:

  • 2 semesters of humanities coursework
  • 2 semesters of social sciences coursework

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