Gaining Experience

The health professions require significant clinical experience in order to become a competitive candidate.  The schools want students to be as sure as they can that the profession is right for them as a career choice and to get experiences that give them a good idea of what the profession is all about.

How to gain experience:

Health care practices and organizations that contact us with job openings are posted in the NC State ePACK software system,

Often times, students get positions on their own.  Taking the initiative and networking is how students often get positions (volunteer, shadowing, part-time and summers).  Some ideas for accessing people and places for networking, getting contacts, leads and referrals.

*family and friends

*your personal health care office (doctor, dentist, etc)

*free and low cost health clinics

*hospital volunteer offices

*professional schools in NC – ask if they assist with contacts who have graduated from their program

*professional associations – some have a mentoring program

*NCSU pre-health students, student club members and officers (a rich network of contacts)

*referrals – one health care professional knows many others they could suggest